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Petriolo Spa Resort, 5 star hotel, an oasis of wellness, surrounded by unspoiled tuscan countryside.

Petriolo Spa Resort is much more than a 5 star hotel at the Petriolo Spa it’s is property dedicated to personal wellbeing, in pure Atahotels style.
A delightful, deluxe setting, with every single detail and decoration considered, dedicated to those in search of harmony and relaxation. Personal wellbeing is the only priority, and time seems to slow down in these elegant spaces with the highest level of service.

Petriolo Spa Resort has 87 beautifully furnished rooms, decorated in a classic, elegant style, that reflects its surroundings: vibrant, comfortable and relaxing. The magic continues in the restaurants where pleasant hours can be spent enjoying traditional Mediterranean and Tuscan food, delicious and healthy dishes.

Set in a private nature reserve and built on the site of the medieval spa of Petriolo, this 5 star hotel gives guests the opportunity to take advantage not only of the curative properties of the 43°C thermal springs but also the historical beauty of a natural paradise, praised since ancient times. The pool in which you can experience the beneficial waters of the Baths of Petriolo surrounds the guests with delightful perfumes and colours, in an unforgettable sensory experience.

The water is naturally present in all the treatments, using unique and exclusive products made with all the traditional, historical and seasonal ingredients that Tuscany has to offer.



Opening the door to one of the 87 rooms at the Petriolo Spa Resort means entering a warm and welcoming athmosphere. From the ancient woods and the warm natural springs of the Petriolo Spa outside we enter refined, elegant, simple rooms, carefully and tastefully furnished down to the last detail, divided into Junior Suites, Suites, Executive Suite and an Imperial Suite with private garden and outdoor jacuzzi.

The careful refurbishment of the building with soundproof walls and large windows creates a refined atmosphere complete with every comfort, looking out over the countryside and offering breathtaking views from the terraces.
These bright rooms with large bathrooms are all about hospitality and wellbeing, from the warm fabrics to precious marble and travertine.


    • Quiet
    • bright
    • luxurious rooms
    • Views over the magnificent Tuscan countryside
    • Large marble bathrooms
    • Free Wi-Fi in the lobby
    • Rooms for people with disabilities
    • Adjoining rooms and suites


For your comfort

  • Soundproof walls

  • Stylish furnishings, practical and elegant

  • Large windows

  • Top -quality beds for an excellent night's sleep

  • Comfortable armchairs

  • Spacious wardrobes

  • Adjustable air conditioning and lighting

  • Direct phone line

  • Minibar with soft drinks

  • Satellite LCD TV

  • Large digital safe

  • Choice of pillows

  • Free Wi-Fi in the lobby

Your bathroom

  • Large bathtub and separate shower

  • Professional hairdryer

  • Exclusive complimentary toiletries

  • Towelling robe

  • SPA slippers

  • Magnifiying makeup mirror

  • Multifunctional telephone

  • 110/220 volts electrical supply

Our rates include

For your wellbeing

  • Thermal pools with sulphur water at 43° C

  • Regenerating spa treatment programme

  • 4 indoor pools of varying temperatures, biosauna, steam room, sensory showers and ice cold waterfalls

  • Natural waterfall water massage

  • Kneipp treatments

  • Indoor springwater pool

  • Pool set: robe, towel, SPA slippers

  • Cardio-Fitness gym with Technogym (classes not included) open from 8.00 to 20.00 

For your stay

  • Air conditioned room, phone, minibar, satellite TV

  • Safe

  • Parking


  • Not admitted


Antistress Regenerate

From € 118*

  • Bottle of wine
  • Minimum stay 2 nights
  • Direct payment in hotel
  • VAT, taxes and services included
  • Welcome dinner (beverages not included)
  • 1 Revitalizing anti-stress massage per person per stay
  • 1 Relaxing back massage per person per stay

*The price is per person, per night, in double room. Minimum stay 2 nights.
The promotion is subject to conditions and limitations, cannot be combined with other promotions and it is not retroactive.

Long Stay -35%: Petriolo Spa Resort

From € 55*

  • Minimum stay 4 nights
  • 25€** Spa Treatment Voucher
  • Payment in hotel
  • VAT, taxes and services included
  • 35% discount
  • Breakfast
  • Free SPA Entry
  • Pool kit

*The price is per person, per night, in double room.
**Voucher with a value of €25 per person, for a minimum charge €60 in individual treatments, to be used for SPA treatments (excluding medical).
Special rates are subject to conditions and limitations applicable to a limited number of rooms.

Restaurants and Bars

Atahotel Petriolo Spa Resort provides a complete wellbeing experience and so even the dishes and delicacies on offer in the restaurants are healthy and genuine, giving vitality and pleasure. Taking care of oneself extends also to the table, and so our maitre is on hand to recommend pairings, along with the chef, according to the creative menus.

The menu offers a sublime combination of traditional Tuscan flavors with the enormous variety of world-famous Italian cooking. The cuisine, a local identity, becomes an experience that stimulates the senses and takes you on an enveloping and complex 5 star gastronomic journey.

Ristorante Petriolo
Much more than just a restaurant: the magnificent setting and the sensational views through the large windows immerses the guest in a magical, unique atmosphere. In this priceless setting you can dive into the typical flavors of Tuscan tradition, thanks to the excellent tasting menu devised by the expert Chef, taking inspiration from the local area and prepared exclusively with high quality fresh ingredients.

Ristorante Brigante
Ideal for a summer break under the splendid Tuscan sunshine, this restaurant offers a variety of ideas for a light lunch without missing out on the flavours of quality cuisine. A Salad Bar is available where the guest can choose their meal according to their own palate and preferneces.

The Bars
The gastronomic care taken at the Petriolo Spa Resort is also a strong point of the various conveniently located bars in the 5 star complex: at the side of the Pool, in the Spa and the Lobby, to fulfill the desires of every guest at any moment of their relaxing and luxurious stay.

Pool Bar 
Hall Bar
Spa Bar 


The Thermal spring
Characteristics and therapeutic properties

Etruscan expertise in the medical arts was renowned in the ancient world in particular for their knowledge of the curative properties of plants and the therapeutic qualities of the thermal waters, of which Tuscia is still rich even today.
They understood well the medicinal properties of the sacred springs, each one dedicated to a different god The Romans, conquering this territory, subsequently built large thermal baths.

The story of Petriolo SPA Resort begins here, with the knowledge passed down from past peoples who had discovered the ingredient for health: the thermal springs of Petriolo. Its thermal waters, rich in minerals and elements, springs at the temperature of 43°C from the source on the bank of the Farma river at a rate of about 40 litres/sec. The smell of sulphur is due to the presence of large quantities of hydrogen sulphide (with a concentration of 21 mg/l).
Given the high temperature at source and the amount of minerals it is classified as hyperthermal containing bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, sulphur and carbon.
The therapeutic and beneficial action of the Petriolo spa water aids the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of many problems.
This water, as known in ancient times and since confirmed by recent scientific studies, is especially beneficial for problems with the joints, muscles, tendons, skin, and respiratory and circulation problems. The treatments with Petriolo spa water also have a beneficial effect overall on the mind and body as a whole, producing a series of beneficial effects in the wider concept of spa wellness.

Chemical and physical properties:

  • Total dissolved solids 3842 mg/l
  • Calcium 729.5 mg/l  
  • Chloride 166.6 mg/l
  • Fluoride 1.4 mg/l  
  • Sulphuric 1446.0 mg/l
  • Total hardness 256.0 °F
  • Carbon dioxide 1250 mg/l
  • pH 6.4
  • Hydrocarbon 1366.4

Salus per Aquam 

Thermal treatments at Petriolo SPA Resort

SPA stands for “Salus per Aquam”, health and wellbeing through water and its properties. In ancient times the Romans in particular understood the value and potential of the thermal waters. At Petriolo SPA Resort you can rediscover the pleasure of treatment and wellness in a natural way thanks to the thermal waters and the support of specialized doctors and other qualified staff.

A medical check up is required before thermal treatments in order to assess possible benefits and side-effects and to personalize the treatment.
For further information contact the reception of our Medical SPA and/or contact the Healthcare Director directly, a doctor specialized in Medical Hydrology and Thermal Spas.

The Waters


Roman Baths Treatments

Exclusive “wet” area completely dedicated to wellness and relaxation, with pools of varying temperatures, some supplied by water from the source of Val di Farma and others with thermal waters directly fom the Petriolo spring.

From small waterfalls for neck massages and underwater massage for the back and legs, to water surging form the walls and floor. A pleasurable relaxing treat but also stimulating and invigorating for body and mind.

Tepidarium Parvum Pool (30°-32°) With Hydromassage and Waterfall
Tepidarium Magnum Pool (34°-36°) With Hydromassage
Hyperthermal Calidarium Pool (39°-41°)
Kneipp Vascular Treatment with Alternating Hot-Cold Baths
Swimming Pool with Thermal Water (23°-27°)
Round Sudatoria Laconicum Steam Bath
Frigidarium Ice Cold Waterfall
Sensory sShowers with Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Bio Sauna with Essential Oils
Relaxation Area and Panoramic Sunlounge
 09:30 am - 06:30 pm02:00 - 06:30 pm
Weekdays€ 40,00€ 30,00
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and the day before a public holiday€ 60,00€ 40,00
Admission includes personal robe, toweling slippers and towel available at SPA reception.
Prior booking required subject to availability.
Free entry for hotel guests.

Thermal wellbeing and treatments

Petriolo spa water comes directly from the source, located near the Farma river, where it flows out at a temperature of about 43°C.
This water, known since ancient times for its numerous proven curative properties, is helpful in the prevention and cure of a number of problems, especially of the joints, muscles, skin and circulation. It is also effective in rehabilitation when used for exercise.

Recent studies have also shown the effectiveness of thermal treatments with this type of water in helping the body regulate the production of substances that alter mood and the sleep cycle. no-veglia. This accounts for the sensation of pleasure experienced after a series of thermal treatments, a kind of thermal wellbeing.
A medical checkup is required before treatment in order to assess possible benefits and side effects.

Specialised SPA medical check-up

A general check up, assessment of benefits and side effects of thermal therapy, focus on goals and setting the therapeutic or rehabilitation program.


Treatment that involves a cycle of micro-injections of vaso-active, herbal or homotoxicological substances for lymphatic drainage and reactivation of micro-circulation. Assists in the treatments for the early stages of cellulite (pannicolopatia edematofibrosclerotica) and for localised fat.
 € 100,00

Glycolic and Pyruvic acid peel

A natural medical exfoliating treatment using alfa-beta hydroxy fruit acids to treat fine lines, dark spots and roughness for an anti-ageing effect that leaves the face glowing and toned.  
 € 100,00

Biorevitalization for neck and décolleatge

Revolutionary treatment of microinjections of biointeractive natural hyaluronic acid to the face to regain and maintain young, healthy looking skin, visibly and touchably improving brightness, suppleness and firmness. A true beauty treatment, it deeply hydrates and relaxes the face, effectively combatting the visible signs of ageing. The treatment is preceded by a quick exfoliating peel to prepare the skin and followed up with a deep moisturizing mask to finish.
 € 200,00

Hyaluronic acid Implants

An infiltration of natural hyaluronic acid, the safest filler of the latest generation for the treatment of expression lines, and to model lips and cheekbones for a new improved look without the need for cosmetic surgery. The treatment is preceded by a quick exfoliating peel to prepare the skin and a deep moisturizing mask to finish.
 € 300,00 per vial

Metabolism, Nutrition and Diet

Metabolic nutritional check-up and an agreed nutritional plan with the possibility of a specific plan for the duration of the stay.
  € 80,00

Distance tutoring with farewell personalised diet plan

To maintain, with simple and effective instructions, the beneficial effects of a healthy diet even after your stay.
€  60,00

General phlebology and angiology

General phlebology and angiology check up with Doppler test for lower limbs.
 € 150,00

Foam Sclerotherapy

New minimally invasive sclerosing treatment selectively aimed at the veins for improved appearance and care of the lower limbs.
 € 150,00

Compression bandages, ivc and ulcer treatment for the lower limbs

Specialised angiological treatments as part of a programme of prevention, therapy and rehabilitiation for lymphatic and circulatory problems of the lower limbs.
 € 100,00

Colour doppler scan

Colour Doppler scan of the veins and arteries of the lower limbs. Colour Doppler scan of the upper limbs. Colour Doppler scan TSA.
€ 100,00

Download pricelist of beauty and medical treatments with details


Petriolo Spa Resort is in an excellent position for visiting all of Tuscany and discovering hidden gems , such as Siena and its surroundings, an area scattered with ancient hamlets and medieval castles.
In the marvelous. Val di Farma, the guests of the Resort can indulge in relaxing activities, entertainment and excursions. Aside from the treatment programmes inside the resort, guests can also enjoy sport (from golf to hiking and mountain biking), or pastimes (horse riding excursions, tasting trips) or simply go in search of the many places of cultural interest.


    • Trips and activities in the nature reserve
    • Wine tasting trips
    • Hot air balloon trips
    • Pony trekking
    • Cultural daytrips

What we offer


  • 18 hole Golf Club: Toscana 35 km; Argentario 50 km; Punta Ala: 60 km
  • Canyoning on the Farma river
  • Hiking trails
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Stables in the area


  • Board games
  • Well stocked library with texts and photographic books
  • Pool room


  • Siena
  • Montalcino
  • San Galgano
  • Montepulciano
  • Florence
  • Castiglion della Pescaia


  • Val di Farma
  • Argentario
  • Uccellina

For further information please contact staff on reception. We will be happy to give you all the assistance you require.

Business Meeting

Petriolo Spa Resort, a 5 star hotel ideal for combining hard work with relaxing breaks, a harmonious mix.

The 100 seat Meeting Room is the heart of the Business Center, an elegant location for conventions, conferences, meetings, presentations and teambuilding.
100 hectares of nature on the estate are an excellent way to get away from it all and fully focus, improving productivity of participants and with the possibility of personalizing the space according to needs. An extraordinary natural arena, motivating and incentivating.

Download the e-brochure


    • Meeting rooms ideal for team building
    • Additional wellbeing and nature facilities
    • Fine dining

Meetings, Conventions and Events

Room facilities

  • 7 meeting rooms holding up to 180
  • Plenary room up to 100 seats
  • 1 meeting room for 60 people, can be adapted to 2 rooms for 30
  • 1 meeting room for 60 people, can be adapted to 2 rooms for 30
  • 2 rooms holding 10 people each
  • Display areas
  • High quality fixtures

Available on request

  • Audiovisual technical assistance

Available facilities 

  • Plenary room 

  • Amplifier and SubWoofer
  • Projector and screen
  • 2 32” screens
  • Control booth, lectern, platform, podium
  • Direct phone
  • Other rooms
  • Direct phone


  • Banquet and convention office
  • Possibility of setting the plenary room up as a press room
  • Hospitality desk/registration area
  • Secretary
  • Press room
  • Permanent technical assistance on request
  • Internet area
  • Staffed cloakroom on request
  • Outdoor meetings
  • Feng-shui meetings


  • 220V AC electrical sockets
  • Professional speaker system
  • Wireless internet connection in commual areas 

Wedding and special occasions

  • Natural, elegant setting
  • Sophisticated menus for special events
  • Panoramic spaces immersed in nature
Caldanelle Meeting Room 
Farma Meeting Room 
Selva Meeting Room 

Executive Room
Junior Suite Room
Presidential Suite - Second room
Superior Room
Deluxe Room
Pool Room


All our staff is at your service for any information. 
We would be glad to assist you in organizing your stay with us, whilst awaiting to give you our warmest welcome to Petriolo Spa Resort in person!


  • Strada Statale SS 223, KM 40,600
  • 58045 Località Bagni di Petriolo
  • Fraz. Pari, Civitella Paganico (GR)

GPS Coordinates

  • Sexagesimal (Latitude, longitude): 43° 04' 30.431" N, 11° 17' 52.549" E

Phone numbers

  • Switchboard: +39.0564.9091
  • Individual bookings (up to 9 rooms): +39.02.69826982 press 1
  • Groups, meetings and conventions bookings (starting from 10 rooms): +39.02.69826982 press 2

Fax number

  • General: +39.0564.909064

E-mail addresses

Where we are

Strada Statale SS 223, KM 40,600
58045 Località Bagni di Petriolo
Fraz. Pari, Civitella Paganico (GR)

GPS co-ordinates
Sexagesimal (Latitude, longitude):
43° 04' 30.431" N, 11° 17' 52.549" E

Getting here by car:
From North/Siena: A1 motorway, take the exit “Firenze Impruneta”. Proceed to Siena. Once you reach Siena, proceed to the highway E78 to Grosseto, go through the tunnel as far as the exit "Casal di Pari". Make the ring road and at the roundabout take the state road again and proceed to Siena. Cross again the tunnel and take the exit "Pari", go on as far as the roundabout and take the second exit where you only, as hotel guest, can reach the hotel. The hotel is about 50 mt from there.
From South/Grosseto: A1 motorway, from Roma, at the end take the Aurelia highway till Grosseto. Proceed to the highway SS223 to Siena and take the exit “Pari” after the tunnel. Proceed to the roundabout and take the second exit where you only, as hotel guest, can reach the hotel. The hotel is about 50 mt from there. 

Transport and Parking

  • Ample private parking
  • Main airports: Florence 90 km; Pisa 150 km; Rome 190 km
  • Other airports: Siena 15 km; Grosseto: 50 km
  • Siena railway station: 28 km
  • Grosseto railway station: 50 km

Useful distances:

  • Only 27 km away from anchanting Siena
  • Grosseto: 42 km
  • Florence: 103 km
  • Rome: 257 km 
  • Motorway exit A1 Firenze - Impruneta 90 km
  • Motorway exit A1 Valdichiana - Bettolle 80 km
For further information please contact staff on reception. We will be happy to give you all the assistance you require.

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