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Btg - Jianguo hotels & resorts and atahotels, partnership for hotel service broadening

BTG-Jianguo hotel and Atahotels, a future confirmed partnership: a cross training program between two hotel chains is about to start, focused on cooking and stuff cultural education.

BTG-Jianguo hotel and Atahotels, a future confirmed partnership: a cross training program between two hotel chains is about to start, focused on cooking and stuff cultural education.
Dim Sum, Tofu, green tea and other delicacies of real Chinese cuisine can be tasted at the main structures of Atahotels thanks to the according concluded today with BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts, Chinese company possessing 90 hotels in China.

Guests accommodated at eight Atahotels adhering to the partnership have a possibility to experience Chinese culture in all its expressions: not only food but also ancient traditions without losing the ‘italianity’ of the service, that have always been a distinctive feature of Atahotels.
Today’s contract is a complement to the partnership established last June in China between the two chains in occasion of an upcoming Expo 2015. In fact at BTG structures the process of importation of Italian food and culture to the Country of Dragon has already begun.

The strategical attraction of the Italian market for China is symbolized by Chinese maxi-pavilion projected for Expo 2015 – 4.500 square meters, that required 60 million euro investment, that exhibit the excellences of the country, paying particular attention to the alimentation topic and China’s contribution to resolve the problem of the world feeding.

To mention some details, the contract between Atahotels and BTG provides the exposition and on/off line publication of the brand name “Atahotels” in China and “Jianguo Hotels” in Italy in Hotels & Resorts adhering to the partnership, beginning of the cross training program, food promotion and national valorization for mutual promoting among the correspondent segment of clients.

Among the planned actions – a real cultural exchange: Italian chefs will explain to the colleagues from the other part of the world how to choose ingredients of high quality to cook the dishes that made Italian gastronomy a distinctive international success, and Chinese chefs at their turn will teach Italian cooks the millennium secrets of vapor cooking, correct usage of Wok and sauté frying techniques.

Beyond the culinary exchange, the agreement provides the stuff education program in order to offer Chinese guests the forms of welcome and entertainment maximally close to their typical cultural customs and to honor properly a guest that came from Orient making his contact with Occident world most comfortable. The goal is to favor a better understanding of the both hotel companies of the ethics and hospitality value that constitute Italian and Chinese excellence. To reach it other exchange-experience initiatives like formative development, representation, commercial collaboration, loyalty of customers, cross selling between the two companies will be implied in order to create services best meeting the expectations of the corresponding guests.

The presentation of the partnership program took place today at l’Atahotel Executive, Milan, in presence of Roberto Franchi, Atahotels General Director, Walter Comelli, Diversified Free of UnipolSai Insurance Companies Responsible, Gian Luca Santi, Atahotels President and Real Estate UnipolSai Brench General Director – key figures that control Atahotels – and of Fu Tianzhu, Delegated BTG Jianguo Hotels & Resorts Manager.
“With today’s agreement, – emphasizes Roberto Franchi, Atahotels General Director, – we aim to reach such a quality standard that would permit us to value the concept of hospitality. We mean to invest in the human resources; for this cultural exchange 8 chefs will move between Italy and China. The first adhering hotel structures will be those of mountain and sea areas, being ready to offer typical Chinese cuisine for the beginning of the next summer season. For Expo 2015 we are ready to present ever more high wine and food standards as well as hospitality standards”.

For the Chinese New Year, January 2015, Italian stuff went to Jianguo Hotels to Beijing, Guangtzou and Sanya to organize typical Italian wine and food weeks and meanwhile to pass some basic knowledge to Chinese chefs about main Italian dishes.
The Atahotels culinary proposal for China concentrates on the regional traditions of the area where a Hotel that adheres to the initiative is situated (Sicily, Sardinia, Lazio, Trentino, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy) enhancing proposals based mainly on pasta and pizza, promoting combinations with Italian wines (Tenute del Cerro producer mark).

The BTG Jianguo chef proposals will be concentrated on dishes based on fish, meat, vegetables and first courses typical for the region where hotels are situated, offering cuisine of high level as for the choice and elaboration of ingredients, so for the presentation.

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