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The city name “Augusta Taorinorum” seems to derive from the Celtic root “tau” which means mountain. The Alps surround this beautiful city that stretches across the plains of the river Po and its tributaries. The river that traverses the entire town emphasizes the noticeable division between the mountainous area and the plain itself, during clear and sunny winter days the Alps surround the entire northwestern part of the town with their white snow tops creating a beautiful landscape.
Turin has been Italy’s first capital city, from 1861 to 1865, now it is considered one of the major locations in the country with its excellent cultural, scientific and tourism facilities. It is the capital of the automobile industry, however it is also well known for its telecommunication, film, publishing, wine and food, design and sport sectors. In fact, Turin is the third largest Italian city after Rome and Milan, from an economical point of view. In 2006 the city undertook a complete restructuring to host the winter Olympics and show to its visitors its best and most beautiful part. Its historic origins and the many monuments which are present in the city, make Turin very rich both from a cultural and historical point of view. A visit to the nineteenth century Mole Antonelliana  (undisputed symbol of the city) is obligatory, with its striking film Museum and a dominating view of the whole city it is one of the most wonderful monuments of the town. The Royal Palace (former home of the dukes and kings who ruled the city), the Renaissance Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista of the XV century (known as the guardian of the Holy Shroud) and the Egyptian Museum (the second largest in the world after the one in Cairo). Palazzo Madama returned to its former glory, the Royal gardens, and the “Versilles torinese” also known as the Venaria mansion are only some of the beautiful monuments of this wonderful city. A walk in San Carlo’s Square with its magnificent baroque perspective is without any doubt a stunning experience and maybe enjoying the traditional “bicerin” in one of the many cafés of the town.

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